December 8, 2021

25 Best Japandi Interiors For New Style This Year

Do you like to integrate several styles into decoration? If so, then Japandi or Scandinese will be your favorite this year. Before we get into the list, you need to know first what is Japandi? It is a combination of two different styles between modern Scandinavia and traditional Japanese elegance. For those who are happy with a minimalist look, fine lines and emphasize the aesthetics of space, this mix of styles is perfect for you. They both are about creating a functional interior with a few pieces of statement and not overly accentuate the decor. As a result, this mixture of styles gives a modern impression on a minimalist style that is more warm and comfortable. Scandinavian style adds a soothing rustic touch, while Japanese design presents clean lines in the warmth of natural colors. Wondering how do you apply it to the interior? Continue to follow our tour.

A mixture of two different colors

Scandinavian style is characterized by a mixture of light, neutral colors, natural wood and some pastel colors. For the Japanese style, it emphasizes wood accents or light colors with the addition of natural elements such as bonsai and indoor plants. So, the combination of these two styles will produce a unique interior design between a mixture of dark colors and light wood, the accent must be minimalist, but still pay attention to the functionality of the space.









Determine the decor and choice of furniture from both

You have decided to add one of these styles to your interior, be it Japanese or Scandinavian. At first glance these two styles almost resemble that has lines and functionality clean although there are slight differences that typically Scandinavian light-colored furniture, Japanese furniture often feature dark shades and shapes are more aesthetic. Combine these two elements of furniture in one style, you can also add warm wood shades and some inviting decoration additions.








Minimize the use of accessories

For both of these styles, you can not display a variety of accessories or ornaments excessive. But that does not mean you can not add any accessories, choose a few accessories very carefully and make sure it fits the interior concept. Try choosing some natural elements such as indoor plants to add style, they are very common for both styles. Natural elements are a great addition, but not too much, some accessories such as wood, stone and bamboo will provide a calming effect for any space.








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