February 23, 2024

20 Vintage Staircase Gallery Walls That Timeless


Wall galleries are a great way to welcome vintage interior design. Various collections of photos, posters, and paintings will fill the walls or empty spaces and make them come alive besides being part of the statement. This gallery wall is usually seen at the top of a staircase or other room that needs a little extra decoration, and today I was totally blown away by the staircase wall gallery with its timeless, vintage look. Let’s see how this wall art and gallery will make any household much classier. Enjoy!

Staircase gallery wall design

There are various gallery wall designs that you can apply to stairs. The free-form gallery wall is probably the most popular because you are free to display whatever you want on a blank wall. This is a huge advantage if the wall area on your staircase is large or long, you don’t have to place one large section, simply fill the wall with photos and artwork that tells the story of your journey from the bottom of the stairs to the top. A lattice gallery wall can also be placed on one of the sections of the wall above the stairs to enhance the appearance of the stairs and make it look charming.


Placement of the staircase gallery wall

The easiest way to display your photos and art is to take the wall above the stairs but you can also take some of the other walls if you want. You can also decorate an awkward corner with a gallery wall to make it more lively. Another idea, use the side of the stairs itself to display whatever collection you like. In this case you can add a frame or holder with a hanging photo.


The most favorite wall gallery

Photos and paintings are the most favorite things for wall galleries, they are a beautiful and creative way to display photos of you and your family, or a collection of art that you have collected so far. Think about posters, artwork, macrame hangers, mirrors, and so much more. These pieces of wall art can be framed or colored to your liking, even a freeform wall gallery can give a more cohesive, minimalist look.


Vintage wall gallery

It is undeniable that vintage items or accessories always make a home feel more comfortable. For the staircase wall gallery, you can choose old family photos, paintings or works of art that are sentimental. Of course, a vintage wall gallery will work well when you adapt it to the staircase design you have.

Check out more of our favorite staircase wall gallery ideas below!

















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