February 23, 2024

20 Modern Balinese Interior Design To Copy Right Now


Have you heard about Balinese interior style? If you have ever been on holiday to Asia, you are certainly familiar with this style that adheres to tradition and aesthetic values. Originating from Indonesia, Bali has become a magnet for tourists throughout the world because of its comfort and uniqueness as seen in the houses and villas in Bali. This style is also one of the interior style trends that is currently relevant, apart from being a decoration style that is full of ideas for inspiration.

Known as the “Pulau Dewata”, Bali has a certain spiritual dimension and stunning green scenery, which makes this place so unique. Balinese interior style reflects a special atmosphere into a nature-inspired aesthetic and balance. Here you will find natural materials, carvings, craftsmanship, green, woven, and connected to the surrounding environment.

So, we are sure that anyone will immediately fall in love after seeing the Balinese interior design which offers a feeling of calm, relaxation and prosperity. Its location in a tropical climate is indeed a determining factor, but there are still several interesting elements that you can imitate to include in your home. Below are some of the decorative elements that define modern Balinese interior design.


Color Scheme

Although it often looks very decorative, Balinese interior style is never too over the top. This is partly due to the use of neutral color schemes such as white for beach house styles and brown for country house styles. Play of color can be achieved from accessories, for example pillows, textiles, framed artwork and green plants. Whenever using color, consider holistic design principles as they will help achieve balance which is at the heart of Balinese aesthetics.


Furniture And D├ęcor

Most furniture uses natural materials such as wood, bamboo or even rattan. The favorable climate makes many homeowners add similar furniture elements made of solid wood which are used both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor bathrooms and showers are also very common, or the simple use of natural gravel instead of flooring in the bathroom.

The open concept also helps add freshness to the room, and of course decorating with potted tropical plants and a mini bonsai garden will enhance it. In addition, terraces and gardens should be carefully designed to have a focal point that can be seen from windows that flow through the interior space.

Lighting is another key element in Balinese style. You’ll often see lots of hanging lights but it never feels overwhelming. Often, they also draw the eye away from ceiling fans, which are of course an ever-present element in Balinese interiors. Rattan and wicker are the main materials for ceiling lamps, being one of the key elements that add to the aesthetics of the room.


Ornaments And Artwork

Finally, Balinese interior design would be incomplete without ornaments and works of art. For example, spiritual figures, Buddhas, wooden statues of various sizes, are usually balanced to have a main focal point with larger elements to create balance.

You will definitely love the handmade decorations made by artists because art is everywhere in Bali. So it’s an important element of its aesthetic. Patterns are also quite common in this style as seen in the common use of black and white checkered textiles due to their Hindu meaning, this pattern is actually a symbol of balance.

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