February 23, 2024

20 Wall-Mounted Christmas Trees With Lighting Ideas


It is common practice that every Christmas celebration there is a Christmas tree as part of the decoration. Usually, this Christmas tree is in the center of the room and is the focal point of any room. Everyone loves to decorate their Christmas tree because it is a fun activity during the holiday season, but what if you don’t have room for it? Alternatively you may need a DIY Christmas tree or if you don’t have much space for a real tree, a wall mounted Christmas tree is a great option.

There are many alternatives to wall-mounted Christmas trees but today we want to make it even more sparkling with a lighting idea. Christmas lights are always number one when it comes to creating festive decorations, and even if there are no other decorations, these decorations will make you feel the spirit of Christmas. The combination of a Christmas tree and wall-mounted lights doesn’t take up much space because it’s almost flush to your wall. This Christmas tree idea can be made in a variety of styles and lighting, making it suitable for any Christmas decoration. Let’s see!


Wall-mounted Christmas tree lights

Making a wall-mounted Christmas tree is the easiest idea and can be done by anyone because you really don’t need any skills. This is the most obvious idea that might come to your mind when you need last minute Christmas decorations. Such crafts can be done easily and do not take much time so you can prepare the Christmas party more quickly. Take some lights and make a tree shape with the size and look you like. You can even create a silhouette with washi tape before installing the lights for maximum results. Attach several Christmas ornaments to the lights or separately using glue and small nails. If you like boho style, decorate the tree with berries and leaves.


Wall-mounted Christmas tree light d├ęcor

You can start in any room you like, starting from the living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, even children’s room. You can decorate the walls with a wall-mounted Christmas tree style, add beautiful Christmas twinkles, fairy lights, and complete with any Christmas ornaments you like. You can also combine different colors of lights to get a unique Christmas feel. In your living room or bedroom, you can use a wall-mounted tree as extra lighting or a calming night light. Also complete your Christmas tree wall with a style that suits your personality, such as photo frames, artwork, Christmas cards, Christmas miniatures, Christmas balls, and much more. Here are some examples of wall-mounted Christmas trees with lighting ideas to inspire you!


















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