September 24, 2023

25 Amazing Swimming Ponds That Close To Nature


Swimming or just soaking when the weather is hot is a refreshing paradise for many people. Whatever outdoor area you have, from a garden, backyard to an outdoor corner, it will become friendlier with a water feature. Making a swimming pool might be too much for some people, but of course it’s different if you build a more environmentally friendly pool. The pool allows you to relax and do various swimming activities surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Swimming ponds are the best option to liven up your garden with a fun water feature. Not only for you and your family, but also various natural habitats to make you closer to nature. A natural swimming pool really looks absolutely stunning and blends into the landscape, which is achieved using greenery, rocks, sand and framed by the scenery. Interested to have it for this summer? Here are some tips you should know.


Benefits of a natural swimming pool

In contrast to swimming ponds in general, which use a lot of chlorinated materials. Natural swimming pools won’t make your eyes red, your skin dry, or you want to take a bath. So, for those of you who like a healthy way of life, a natural swimming pool can be a priority. Adding a natural swimming pond will give you and your family the best place for outdoor fun. Apart from having excellent water quality, you can also create habitats for wildlife and plants to help you clean the water. From an environmental point of view, natural swimming pools actually serve to reduce stinging insect populations, as they attract dragonflies and other natural predators from the developed mosquitoes.








Natural swimming pond design

There are no specific rules for how you should make a natural swimming pond, depending on the size of the outdoor area you have. However, a typical natural pool creates space for swimming about 50% to 70% of the surface and some for filtration. There are many different designs and configurations, but the minimum pool size should be between 30 and 50 square meters, but there are also much smaller pools. The water is pumped into a pond with lots of greenery which acts as a natural filter. If your pond is large and deep, the less you can clean algae. Deep pools have cooler water temperatures, which means a slower start to your swimming season, but can be especially refreshing in the summer.








Wild life

As the name implies natural swimming ponds, you will find a lot of wildlife in it. From plants, insects, amphibians, and various other aquatic life, they are part of a beautiful ecosystem. Prepare yourself to share with all life so you will find peace in the midst of nature. These wildlife also keep your pond clean and clear. Keep in mind, these little critters won’t hurt you and are likely to be faster swimmers than you. So relax and enjoy some relaxing time in the natural swimming pool.










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