December 10, 2022

12 Best Small Pool Ideas For Family Retreat

Having an outdoor entertainment area is every family’s dream. An area where you can spend time and do all kinds of activities with the people closest to you. Sometimes I think the pool has seemed interesting, and it was the best entertainment zone that I can give to the family. However, building a swimming pool is not as easy as you think, apart from having a large area of land, the cost of making a swimming pool is also not small.

Then what if your yard or backyard is small? For those of you who have limited land, don’t be discouraged. Small outdoor area that also can be transformed into a delightful family retreat as building a swimming pool.

From tropical-inspired swimming pools to family-favorite small resorts. Posting this time I have compiled 10 best pool of ideas that you can apply to a small area. Let’s see together!

1. The first idea is my favorite. It’s like bringing the feel of a tropical holiday to your small pool. Take advantage of tropical plants as a wall while providing a refreshing green scenery.


2. Want a romantic pool? Place a pair of outdoor beds by the pool as your favorite place to spend time together.


3. Not just a beach chair or a holiday style chair. You can also place a bean bag by the pool as your own comfort zone.


4. Moroccan-style pools usually have a beautiful and unique design. If you like this style, you can apply it in your small pool.


5. Create your own escape zone by the pool. Take advantage of the side area of the house for a comfortable plunge pool.


6. This area is the best place for a family resort. Small tropical swimming pool equipped with a gazebo at the same time family favorite picnic area.


7. Combining a pool with a landscape is the best way to get around confined areas.


8. Nordic style pool design can be applied to small pools. Pools usually stand above ground, you can add accessories and nordic themed furniture to enhance the d├ęcor.


9. Have you ever imagined that when you wake up and open the bedroom door, you will be immediately greeted by a swimming pool? This idea is quite unique and you can imitate for a small pool.


10. A reading corner by the pool is a great idea to relax and enjoy a sunny day outdoors.


11. Place a pergola by the pool instead of outdoor furniture. This area will be every family’s favorite.


12. Combining traditional and modern concepts can be applied to small pools. Like this swimming pool idea that makes you feel like a vacation every day.


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