20 Awesome Kids Playroom Ideas With A Organizers


A kids room is not just a room with bright colors or lots of toys filling it. So, creating a children’s room can be complicated because you can’t give them anything they want. Before you get started, it has to be completely functional and practical, eco-friendly and feel fun and safe to use for your child. Combining all the features is indeed a challenge, this is especially true for kids playrooms because here children will be happy to spend hours, playing and learning.

A good playroom not only looks cool to children, but is also equipped with organizers to store their toys and other things they need. The design should be creative and full of bright colors to catch the attention of the kids and make them feel at home there. Then, what do you need to create a dream playroom? Here are some tips and a collection of awesome images to get inspired.

Create Separate Zones

Children are most excited about exploring and trying new things, so you will want to design different activity areas in the playroom to give them privacy. Creating separate zones for each activity will help children have more freedom to find whatever they want and keep the space always tidy. For example, you can create special areas such as a drawing zone, reading corner, or play corner that are comfortable for each child.


Playroom Decoration

Kids playroom is synonymous with bright and bold colors to attract their attention. First paint the wall in your child’s favorite color or cover it with wall stickers, make a map wall mural as an educational tool, and display the child’s wall art to make them feel happy. Another idea, you can replace the wall with a blackboard and let the children realize their imagination.

Then get kid-friendly furniture, and you should avoid furniture made of glass because it will be dangerous for your child. Here, I strongly recommend furniture made from wood because it is safe and has a unique texture. Also make sure the furniture has a design that children like. Finally, complete the playroom with colorful accessories to make the room bolder and more cheerful.










Kids Playroom Organizer

Children love to collect a lot of things and toys in one place, and this is the main problem with clutter in the house. The solution is, you need to prepare lots of convenient storage so you can accommodate everything and keep the room organized. A open cabinet with lots of shelves is great for storing toys in a basket, magnetic stripes on the wall look cool for a toy car collection, cloth pocket storage is ideal for storing dolls, or a clever wall storage system makes a fun DIY project. Here you will find various playroom storage ideas that you can try at home.











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