February 22, 2024

10 Cozy And Relaxing Floor Desks For Workspace

Working from home or just doing work at home, you need a work space that keeps you focused and productive. So that you don’t feel bored with the same workspace atmosphere, maybe you need to change your workspace design to be unusual. Have you ever thought about bringing your desk to the floor? The concept of a workspace on the floor is currently in vogue because it gives a sense of comfort and calm.

Workspace on the floor is an alternative for those of you who want a different atmosphere when working at home. Apart from being more relaxed, the floor table design does not require a large room so it can be placed with other rooms in the house. However, it should be noted that there are a number of things that you should think about so that the workspace on the floor still feels comfortable like a workspace in general. In the following, we have collected 10 inspirations to help you find the best floor workspace design!

1. In the corner of the room


The corner of the room is usually often neglected. Now, you can use it as a comfortable workspace on the floor. Use a table design that is equipped with vertical storage shelves so it doesn’t take up much space in the house.

2. Desks and chairs floor


Choosing furniture is very important when you decide to work on the floor. Use desks and chairs that can be folded and easily moved. Besides being comfortable, folding furniture designs are also practical for small spaces.

3. Freshen up with indoor plants


So that the atmosphere of working on the floor is not boring, try adding some green plants around it. Besides being able to enhance the appearance of the workspace, these indoor plants also make the air feel more refreshing.

4. Japanese-style minimalist design


As we know, Japan was the first to popularize the interior concept on the floor. Almost all rooms in this country apply the concept of flooring to their rooms, including the work space. The design is minimalist with chairs specially designed as floor desks with cushions as the backs.

5. Bohemian design


The play of colors, patterns and textures is the hallmark of the bohemian style. This design is perfect for floor-to-ceiling workspaces, which give a unique look but still feel comfortable in it.

6. Scandinavian design


In addition to bohemian designs, Scandinavian rooms are also widely used by people to style their home interiors. However, the Scandinavian style places greater emphasis on minimalist furniture, neutral colors, and rooms filled with natural light.

7.Modern design


Present a modern impression even though your workspace is on the floor. The key is in the selection of the right furniture and decoration elements. Starting from chairs, tables, to carpets like the picture above.

8. Floor table with TV stand


It’s a practical workspace incorporating a TV stand. The unused desk area under the TV can be used as a comfortable work table. In fact, you can even make your own desk design according to your wishes.

9. Close to the window


This workspace adds a natural view to the outdoors. The method is very easy, you only need to create a workspace on the floor close to the window. Besides providing natural light, you will always feel inspired when you look outside the room.

10. Floor desk with storage area


Floor desks are usually difficult to get enough storage space. In addition to its small size, its location on the floor makes it difficult for you to store lots of items. The solution is you need to choose a table design that is equipped with a smart storage area. Usually consists of a shelf above the table or at the bottom of the desk.

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