December 4, 2023

Catissa Geobed: Cozy and Stylish Cat Bed

catissa geobed cat bed

Catissa Geobed is good news for all cats and small dogs around the world. It’s cozy, stylish and easy to assemble the bed into a space that is perfect for your pets. Cats are superior species like us, it is no wonder we often treat them like royalty and that’s why they deserve the best. Feed them, spoil them, or even clean their filth, all that we do in the name of love pets. If you really claim to love pets then you should invest in this one. The Geobed is icosahedral kitty temple, very cozy and covered, and it’s really easy to put together. If you are creative enough, you can create one for your furry friend. But they are now available for booking and I am pleased to announce that Catissa Geobed won Design&Design Award.

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