February 26, 2024

Mioou: Three Cat Furniture Design That Must Have Animal Lover

Mioou is modern cat furniture with three products to suit the needs of your pet. Designed by Katarzyna Galicka-Szer who is also an animal lover. This furniture consists of a scratching house, tunnels and posts, with the three cats in mind. We all cats like to scratch, that’s what drives Galicka-Szer decided to combine architectural background with cat needs and create three collections of handmade rake to be favored by your cat. Instead of having to break and tear your furniture, your cat will now love scratching the Tula Scratching House, Tito Scratching Tunnel, or Lila Scratching Post, all made of cardboard, felt and hemp.

Scrapers are designed in warm colors and natural materials that can easily live in any aesthetic, while still providing a secure feeling and a pleasant place for a cat to play, relax or nap. Each product is lightweight and easy to move, it even has a hemp rope handle at the top to carry with you wherever you want to put it.

Mioou made of warm materials and natural fabrics such as felt, cardboard and burlap. Perfect for any interior and will even complement your decor. The colors, shapes and finishes of furniture are also designed to meet all of a cat’s needs such as providing a sense of security, encouraging pets to play, and being their favorite area for sleeping and relaxing.

Its light weight, portable construction and materials make mioou not take up as much space as conventional space. They can be used as a coffee table, bookshelf, and this is only a small part of its function. You can combine several sets of furniture into one and even easily move them wherever you want.

Transparent walls stimulate curiosity and allow your cat to observe their surroundings. Equipped with openings, bite grips, and scratch areas, this furniture encourages play.

Every element is designed to meet a cat’s expectations. Interesting cardboard cat like a magnet and flannel fabrics mimic sofa cover, thus making the furniture in your home is safe. All materials used are carefully selected, which are very environmentally and ecologically friendly.

source: design-milk

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