15 Cute And Fun Terracotta Pot Designs

Introducing houseplants inside or outside the room is not a new thing, especially if you are a person who likes plants. In addition to choosing, caring for plants, and decorating plants, pots are an inseparable medium to make your plant collection look more beautiful. However, keep in mind that not all potting materials are very good as containers or places to grow plants.

Among the many designs of plant pots, terracotta pots are the most popular and are often used as additional decorations. This pot is made from burning clay so that it produces a distinctive color. Because of this texture and material, apparently not all plants are also suitable for this type of terracotta pot. That is why, many plant lovers add details such as repainting, painting, to coating them with certain materials.

Terracotta pots not only blend with any plant, but you can add more ornaments or themes to suit your style and personality. Here we have collected 15 terracotta pot designs with cute and certainly fun models. Place them on the wall, corner of the room, or wherever you want!

1. Cacti are the best plants to use with terracotta pots. This plant is a type of plant that is strong and in accordance with the texture of clay pots.


2. Terracotta pots are also suitable for adding a minimalist impression to the interior. Create a Scandinavian style painting to showcase your plant collection.


3. Combining lots of bright colors will make your terracotta pot look more attractive.


4. This terracotta pot design is mini in size with adorable eye accents. You can choose this pot idea as a table decoration in the living room or workspace.


5. The boho interior style is identical to indoor plants. For terracotta pots, you can display them on a cupboard or hang them with macrame.


6. Sometimes the art of pot painting does not require special skills. Paint your terracotta pots with your own creations, even though they are simple but still look unique.


7. If you want to keep the original color of the terracotta pot, try adding color in half of the pot.


8. Not only used in the interior. Terracotta pot designs with a certain size can also beautify your outdoor area.


9. Choose an oval-shaped terracotta pot with a unique appearance. This pot design is very suitable to be placed near the window.


10. In addition to painting or painting terracotta pots with many colors. You can also create a striped pattern for a modern feel.


11. Abstract painting is indeed suitable for any furniture, not to mention applied to the design of terracotta pots.


12. Display terracotta pots on special shelves that are no less unique like this plant stand made of DIY ladders.


13. Have a large collection of plants? In order not to take up a lot of space, you can display it with a wall mounted shelf. Choose a small terracotta pot design that can accommodate a wider variety of plants.


14. This terracotta pot design is not only unique but also very creative. Featuring a variety of facial characters that can be adjusted to your mood.


15. Terracotta pots have been known for a long time. That is why the design of this pot is perfect for a vintage-style interior. Take advantage of clay jars, or your old items to turn into plant pots.


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