21 Aesthetic Bohemian TV Room Decor Ideas


If you are a fan of the gypsy style, then this bohemian TV room will be the first on your must-have list. Bohemian decorating is all about freedom. With lots of bright colors, natural textiles, and an eclectic charm that is timeless, this décor is also perfect for those of you who crave comfort when you want to enjoy quality time with some of your favorite movies.

Boho TV room has a stunning look. You can embrace the natural atmosphere by adding lots of houseplants to nature-inspired decor elements. Moreover, the boho style was born from a free spirit and is eclectic, this style allows you to show your personality freely in TV room decoration.

So, what are TV room decorating ideas like in a bohemian style? Getting a boho look in the TV room won’t be as complicated as you think and I’ve put together some of the best ideas just for you. Let’s see!


Why to decorate the TV room in a boho style?

Towards the end of spring, sunny days may still linger but the weather is already getting chilly so spending some lazy time under the covers with a good movie sounds pretty ideal. That’s why the TV room is my number one go-to when redecorating a house. I think the TV room is an important place for friends and family to gather. It should be practical but also reflect your taste and personality. Bohemian décor not only makes watching TV warmer and cozier, but also adds a statement to any space. This TV room includes several elements of classic boho, minimalist, to modern styles, keep reading and I’ll show you more ways to get the bohemian TV room of your dreams.


Bohemian TV room décor ideas

Broadly speaking, a bohemian TV room is a reflection of your personality. It can look simple or complex, it all depends on what style you want to show off. However, I can conclude that there are several elements that influence the success of a bohemian décor.

First, know what you need for boho décor to work well? This helps you find the basic tone of a bohemian-style TV room or TV stand. Use wooden elements as a base, then decorate with various decorative displays such as baskets, wall galleries, macrame and many more.

Second, decide on a boho color palette that best suits your space. It can apply bright or neutral color accents depending on the boho style you want to display.

Third, layer the decorations around the TV room. That way, the boho elements will get thicker and enrich the visual effect in your room. For example, use an eclectic style TV table, rattan furniture, patterned rugs, wicker pendant lamps, or whatever décor you want.

Lastly, make your TV room more private which adds privacy. It helps you stay cozy because it suits your style, making TV viewing more enjoyable.

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