14 Aesthetic Dorm Wall Decor For Beautiful Girl


There are various valuable experiences when you live in a dorm. That is the phase where you have to go from home to a new house with a completely different atmosphere. It’s not an exaggeration if at first you will feel bored to live in a cramped dorm room far from home but you will learn to be able to live independently and meet new people who will shape your personality. There are many ways to get around the cramped dorm room to be comfortable to live in, and one of them is to decorate a dorm with a style that you want.

Apart from room accessories and furniture, girls usually enjoy decorating the walls of their dorms. For a small dorm room size, decorating the walls can seem like a challenge. Wall decorations can play a big role in making your dorm room feel like home. It is also one part of the room where you can express yourself and make your own space. Whether it’s adding a photo collage, vintage-style accessories, to a bohemian touch. Here are 14 aesthetically pleasing dorm wall decorations that will testify to your life’s journey.

1. Create a relaxing atmosphere like a holiday with a fun beach theme. You can decorate the walls with vacation photos to cool beach hats.


2. Garlands or hanging decorations can be wall accessories that will enliven your dorm room.


3. Don’t let your schedule get messy, put a bulletin board on the dorm wall to organize the schedule as well as a part of the decor.


4. Photo collages are the easiest and coolest way to decorate walls.


5. Placing lots of posters, motivational quotes and decorated with lights which is sure to raise the mood.


6. Wall tapestry can almost be found on every dorm wall. Apart from being practical, this decoration also brings serenity with the motifs that are presented.


7. Photo grids are a handy way to display photos, notes, and other little things in a pretty unique way.


8. Make the dorm room look feminine with flower arrangements on the wall.


9. Love boho style? You can try placing boho accessories on the wall like macrame.


10. Do you like traveling? Map decorations with photos tagged as a reminder of which places you haven’t been to. Your house mates will be jealous when they see him.


11. Adding a natural element to your dorm room will make the room feel fresher. Shades of green that are presented can help reduce the feeling of a small space.


12. Every girl likes to dress up. So, a mirror is a must for you in their room.


13. String light is very popular for dorm wall decoration. This lighting adds a sense of comfort as well as beautifies your room.


14. A vintage world map can also be a unique decoration that will motivate you.


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