How To Make Modern Tropical Design For Your Interior


What do you think of when talking about tropical interior style? Most of us would probably agree that this is an interior style that is synonymous with a holiday or coastal feel. However, can we mix modern design into a tropical style, which we know is relatively relaxed and not monotonous? Basically, modern tropical design is a combination of a modern interior style that is simple and without angles with a warm and natural tropical style.

This combination produces a new interior concept which is in harmony with the tropical climate, but feels modern following current developments and trends. Tropical modern design is also known to be able to create a warm and cheerful impression. Curious as to what? please scroll down and see how modern tropical style will rock your interior!


Get to know modern tropical design for interiors

If by chance you live in a country with a warm or even tropical climate, you can choose an interior style based on the local climate. Like in Asian countries which have a tropical climate, your home will feel comfortable and ideal if you use a tropical modern design. The reason is, the interior design has been designed according to weather conditions and the needs of the occupants. So it can be concluded, tropical interior style is an interior style that is resilient in facing tropical climates, which are synonymous with hot and humid weather. Meanwhile, modern style refers to contemporary interiors that are neat, clean, and have little decoration. So the combination of the two produces an interior style that is truly new and fresh in line with developments in interior trends but still feels relaxed.


Characteristics of modern tropical design

There are several features or characteristics that can be easily recognized from modern tropical design, including the use of natural materials in furniture. However, in general you can assess a modern tropical style interior through several things, for example open space, natural and local materials, ethnic nuanced furniture and decoration, large and open windows, warm colors, bright patterns and motifs, and finally indoor plants tropical nuance.


Tips for creating a tropical modern design

To create a modern and tropical style at the same time, there are several tips you can follow. First of all, create windows and air ventilation to make the house cool and bright during the day. Then, consider adding insect wire to keep bugs out of the house through windows and air vents. You must also pay attention to the position of the window so that sunlight does not enter excessively. Always use good quality materials. The reason is, this material must resist pests, humidity and extreme weather changes. The open space concept can also be applied to blur the boundaries between inside and outside, thereby making you closer to nature. Get inspired!












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