20 Practical Portable Room Dividers For Your Interior


Many dwellings currently carry an open concept because it is more practical and makes the room feel more spacious. Despite its small size, this concept is effective in creating a wider impression than it actually is. However, the open concept also has drawbacks such as the lack of privacy that separates one space from another. Well, your best solution is to add a room divider, and portable dividers are the most popular.

There are many designs of portable room divider dividers that can add privacy, style, and functionality to your interiors. Portable partitions are great for those of you who need a quick and budget-friendly solution to your privacy concerns, these room dividers are also easy to move, allowing you to place them in any space you want. Apart from that, portable room dividers are made of fairly light materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, plastic, and there are even fabrics with interesting patterns.

In the following I have collected some pictures of portable room dividers that might suit your room. Enjoy!


Folding screen portable divider

Folding or accordion screens are the most popular portable room dividers, particularly for small rooms and apartments. This room divider can stand free as it is attached to the floor. You really don’t need to require any installation, just open it and place it in any space. This is very practical as the folding divider requires no installation at all, just unfold it and you will have the privacy you want. Note, however, that folding dividers tend to have a wider footprint, so placing them in a zig-zag fashion may not work well in small spaces.


Chinese-style portable splitter

As the name suggests, these portable dividers were first discovered in China in the 7th century where they were often seen in royal families. This room divider is very heavy and has a unique design, and is complemented by beautiful carvings. Along with its development, Chinese-style room dividers were applied to Japanese interiors so that they were lighter and simpler. This type of room divider is perfect for tea ceremonies, religious events, or also used in minimalist style interiors.


Modular portable divider

In addition to room dividers placed on the floor, there are also room dividers hung from the ceiling. Depending on the materials used, these room dividers can be permanent or portable. Unlike screens that fold, they reach from floor to ceiling, and can extend from one end of the room to the other.

Find more inspiration for your favorite portable room dividers below!

















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