15 Fun And Unique Mushroom Decor For Your Interior

What comes to your mind when we talk about mushroom houses? Some people will think it is a tiny house or a hobbit house that we often see in fantasy stories. Inspired by the unique shape of the mushroom, today I want to bring you a mushroom decoration for your favorite room. It is all about mold making the room look boring to the interior.

Starting 2023, mushrooms will be a favorite theme for many people with lots of new, fresh and fun ideas. From cute mushroom lamps, vases, wall hangings, playhouses to adorable DIY mushroom projects, here are 15 mushroom d├ęcor ideas that are a must to spruce up any room in your home. Get inspired!

1. This mushroom tent or playhouse is not only fun for kids, it makes any room in the house feel magical.


2. The mushroom wall hanging design takes the wall storage idea to the next stage. The design is unique and aesthetically pleasing, giving you a visible place to hang any object.


3. Realize your creativity by making a mushroom garland from felt. Choose and mix colorful flannels to form a cute looking garland.


4. String lights are probably common as decorations. However, these mushroom string lights will take any room a notch prettier.


5. Who doesn’t love this transparent glass mushroom flower vase? A simple but beautiful vase design that is suitable as a table decoration or dining table centerpiece.


6. The coffee corner will feel more pleasant with a mushroom themed room. Complete with natural nuanced furniture sets.


7. This wall mounted candle holder has a unique mushroom shape. Apart from being a candle holder, you can also use it as a functional wall hook.


8. Like the boho style room? Take mushroom rugs to decorate the walls of your home. Combine with various natural ornaments such as houseplants or furniture made of wood.


9. Some rooms feel cozy because they use incense as aromatherapy. In order not to seem monotonous, use a mushroom incense holder to beautify your interior.


10. This mushroom bedside lamp feels cozy with warm lighting. The design is adorable so it is also suitable for kids bedrooms.


11. Neon lights are always a great statement piece for a teen’s room, and I can’t think of anything prettier than a mushroom neon light design.


12. Mushroom tufted throw pillow will make your room look boho. Pair it with wicker chairs, indoor plants and a bright open concept.


13. Mushroom floor lamp is no less unique to beautify your interior.


14. If you are creative enough, decorate the mirror at home with accents of mushrooms, moss and other natural ornaments.


15. Bring a rustic impression into the style of your space with a mushroom jar. Display it on a table or wall shelf where it will attract attention.


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