How To Store And Take Care Your Shoes Keep Looking New


Shoes are one of the important accessories to support your style and appearance. That’s why having more than one pair of shoe collections is very common. However, did you know that shoes stored in damp conditions often invite mold growth? apart from cleaning it regularly, taking care of shoes improperly will make your shoes easily damaged.

There are many factors that make your shoes not last long. Poor storage, improper drying, and overuse will only make you have to spend more on your budget. Some shoes are quite expensive, and if you want to save more money or don’t want your favorite shoes to break quickly, here are some ways to store and care for shoes that you should know!

1. Dry the shoes properly


After you have cleaned your shoes properly, dry them in a well-ventilated area. Certain types of shoes can even be dried in direct sunlight. Another idea, you can use a hair dryer on low heat which won’t damage your shoes.


2. Insert the silica gel pack


If you buy new shoes or bags, you must have found silica gel packets in them. Do not throw it away, because its function is to absorb excess moisture, remove odors, and prevent mold from forming. This is the easiest way to care for shoes without the hassle.


3. Clean or stuff shoes with tissue or paper


Tissue or paper are great materials for cleaning and absorb moisture levels very well. Clean your shoes by wiping them or putting them in your shoes and placing them in storage. Thus the shoes will avoid unpleasant odors.


4. Use proper shoe storage


Shoe storage is an important thing that you should not ignore. Shoe racks or cabinets must be designed as well as possible to prevent the growth of mold on shoes. So, make sure your shoe storage has good air circulation so that the shoes stay dry and don’t smell.


5. Clean your shoes regularly


The last tip that you shouldn’t ignore is to clean your shoes regularly. You need to clean your shoes frequently to prevent mold growth. Dry the shoes with a special shoe cleaning fluid to remove dust, or wash the shoes using water and detergent. Use a special shoe brush or you can also use a toothbrush so that all parts of the shoe look clean.



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