20 DIY Guinea Pig Cages That Kids Will Love


Teach children to love pets by adding guinea pigs to your family. One of the most common questions that parents often think about is which pet is the best choice for their children? While there are as many choices as dogs or cats, guinea pigs seem like an easy pet to raise even for a child. These tiny animals don’t need a lot of space, although you can build unlimited size guinea pig cages.

Guinea pigs are pets that are small in size, gentle and easy for your child to handle, even though they must be under the supervision of their parents. They are also very social and talkative pets, allowing your child to connect with their pets and create a real bond. Rather than the typical pet, guinea pigs are fairly simple and easy for new pet owners or those interested in getting their children involved.

If you are interested in bringing guinea pigs into your home, today we have put together a collection of pictures of guinea pig cages and tips on how to build a guinea pig cage so they can be happy in their habitat.


C&C guinea pig cage

Most guinea pig cages are easy to find at pet stores or buy online. However, as we all know a standard cage will not meet the space requirements for a guinea pig cage. So, maximize your space by building C&C (cube and coroplast). This guinea pig cage uses storage cube grilles and a type of corrugated plastic called coroplast, then assembled with standard cube connectors and cable ties.


The guinea pig cage blends in with the interior

If you don’t have the space to build a custom guinea pig cage, why not incorporate it into the interior? Maximize the use of space either in the corner or blend with the furniture, one of which is building a guinea pig cage in the living room which is quite creative. Use cube-style storage shelves to create a sturdy guinea pig cage, these storage shelves can be used to store guinea pig supplies, craft supplies and much more. Another idea, a guinea pig cage can extend under furniture or attached to the wall of your house.


Guinea pig cage in an unexpected location

Guinea pigs are small pets that can be placed anywhere. So, try to think outside the box when it comes to potential locations where your guinea pig can be housed. For example, you can build a guinea pig cage under a coffee table or build a special cabinet that also doubles as decoration. Not only do you have a practical guinea pig cage, but it also makes the room at home look more attractive.

Find more of your favorite DIY guinea pig cage ideas below!

















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