February 23, 2024

10 Modern And Sustainable Cork Ideas For Your Interior


Cork has been known since the 70s as a staple in home decor. Apart from being a trend at the time, cork was widely chosen because the price was relatively affordable and it was easy to apply to any interior style. Even today, cork is gaining popularity again because using sustainable materials and processes has advanced thinking in the interior world.

With more ideas on how to recycle materials that previously might have gone to waste, cork is being used more and more for the home because it is fast growing, easy to use, and also multifunctional. Today the cork is back and better than ever. Here are 10 ways to add it to your space with minimal effort. You no longer need fluffy rugs, elaborate furniture, or extra lighting. Let’s see!

1. As a focal point

Adding a little pattern to your walls using cork is more than enough to enhance the interior’s eye-catching look.


2. Gives a natural look

Cork wall panels soften and give a natural accent to the bathroom. Pair it with neutral colored interiors and storage areas, or you can also use an aesthetic wall gallery.


3. Headboard

Comfort is everything for the bedroom. Think calming d├ęcor, textiles, colors, and this headboard reminds me a bit of serene boho style.


4. Wall storage unit

There is not an iota of empty space even on the wall. This storage unit in various cork finishes is perfect for any nature-inspired living room.


5. Multi-function reading nook

The reading nook is heaven for book lovers, and when you think this room is too boring. Decorate a blank wall with an aesthetic cork wall decor. Here, you can attach notes, photos, or works of art.


6. Thick cork walls

Thick cork walls that look almost like wood panels. It is very suitable to be combined with furniture or to decorate your studio apartment.


7. Cork with an industrial look

Cork is perfectly combined with copper. Pair them with terracotta and your favorite prints for personality.


8. IKEA cork wardrobe

This cork wardrobe is an option for the Ikea Pax system. It is really modern-looking, chic and multi-functional.


9. Bedroom wall panels

Cork does not have to be used as pin board. Add to wall panels for design purposes and add to the aesthetics. For example, this bedroom design is beautiful on its own.


10. Pinboard

Do you know why cork is great on the walls of an office or workspace? It’s cheap, durable, and multifunctional. The backdrop as well as the pinboard are perfect for office spaces.


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