11 Creative Ways To Store Bikes In Your Home

Currently cycling is not just a sport but has become part of a lifestyle. During this pandemic, many people began to realize how to behave in a healthy way and maintain fitness. One that caught my attention, most people turn to bicycle transportation for everyday activities. If you are a bicycle enthusiast, or even have some collection of bicycles at home, of course you need a place to store them. The garage may be the best area to store your bike, but not everyone has a garage especially if you live in an urban area or an apartment. Then how to solve it? The problem of limited space it has become common in large cities, and today I have put together 11 creative ways to store the bike in your home. Take advantage of a small area, corner of the room or turn your furniture into an awesome bike shelf. This is what you need to keep your bike safe without having to provide a garage or designated area for bicycle storage.

1. The area under the stairs is the most neglected area. So why don’t you keep your bike there. Sloping staircase structure that allows you to put more than one bike by hanging

2. Are you a big bike enthusiast? Or you really love your bike, making a bicycle storage box on the wall is a unique way that is quite mainstream

3. Bicycles can also be cool wall hangings. Bike storage idea is once again part of the decor of the house. Add frames and frames to your bike on the wall

4. Hallways are areas of the house that are often empty and difficult to decorate. Put the bike in the hall will give no space for extra storage space from the home that is often overlooked

5. Towards winter, the fireplace is a favorite place to warm up. But who would have thought keeping a bicycle over the fireplace could also be a cool idea ahead of winter when you need to be at home more

6. Use every area in the house for bicycle storage. If the ceiling of your house is high enough, you can hang your bike there

7. Save the bike in the entryway not only practical because it allows you to store the bike quickly, even this area large enough to store more than one bike

8. Who said living room to store bikes can not? Even for this narrow living room, it looks even more stylish with the bicycle hanging above the TV unit

9. If you have more room and look tidy, try hiding the bike in a special room. It doesn’t have to be bulky and adds a sliding barn door for a farmhouse style

10. Display rack at home can also be a unique place to store bicycles. Not only displaying collectibles or photos, this bike looks trendy, filling the empty space on the top shelf

11. Create a visual appearance on your wall using a dark pegboard. Pegboard wall area is very functional for storing a variety of items to your bike

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