10 Awesome Pet Friendly Room Divider Ideas

Pet lovers know how to separate personal space from our furry friends at home. Whether it’s a cat or a dog, anyone with pets knows that furniture must also come with an insurance policy. Maybe you’ve thought of building a special room for pets, when you sit on the couch and look at the bookshelves, it turns out that there’s too much clutter that often arises because of pets.

I’m sure there are workarounds you can do without having to build extra room, and pet-friendly room dividers will keep your sanity. Room dividers don’t just give your pets time to relax, play, and enjoy their naps undisturbed. This idea also enhances the aesthetics of the room which will make it look awesome. Well, today I have rounded up 10 pet friendly room divider ideas that you must have in your home.

1. This minimalist style cat rack will blend in with the interior design at home. It is in the form of a cupboard with lots of shelves to store, photos, or play areas for your pet.


2. For those of you who are lucky to have an extra room at home, why not use it as a space for pets? Add sliding glass doors where you can always keep an eye on your furry friend.


3. Folding wooden doors that can be moved are very practical as room dividers. Designed not too high so as not to damage the aesthetic appearance of the room.


4. If you love taking your furry friend to bed, make a pet-friendly door. Add a small door that makes it easy for pets to get in and out.


5. This minimalist wooden shelf will separate the living room from other rooms. It consists of several shelves which are large enough to store items and are pet friendly.


6. This freestanding bookshelf equipped with a hole will become a favorite area for pets.


7. Inspired by Japanese interior design, a wooden room divider with a pet play area.


8. This glass sliding door is very convenient for pets. The frame is made of wood so it is completely eco-friendly.


9. While this glass divider doesn’t create any privacy, French doors do look beautiful and are sure to add a modern European touch to any space.


10. If you want a practical solution, this wall-mounted partition will separate your room from the pets in the house. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can use curtains instead of doors.


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