10 Clever Ways To Create Racks With Repurposed Guitar

Usually old or used items will be left in the warehouse or even thrown away. However, for those who are creative, all these used items can be transformed into something useful, including being part of home décor. This also applies to you music lovers, of course, you have some favorite guitars that are damaged and too dear to throw away. Instead of leaving them dusty in the warehouse, you can be a little creative by turning them into shelves that will beautify your home.

With a little creativity and simple materials like paint, these used guitars will be useful again. There are many clever ways to make shelving aesthetic, easy, and functional. Plus, this used guitar rack won’t take up much space because it’s on the wall. From turning them into plant shelves to bookshelves, here are our top 10 DIY wall shelf ideas from used guitars!

1. You can use the guitar body part for a plant rack. Of course, you need a mini-sized plant pot for this idea.


2. Want the room to feel romantic? Only use the guitar rack as a shelf for lighting ideas. Use a string light or electric candle which is safe because guitars are usually made of wood.


3. The guitar rack can also be turned into a decorative display for displaying flower arrangements. Let the guitar body remain to make it look more aesthetic.


4. Not only as a multifunctional shelf on the wall, this guitar rack will also beautify your home office.


5. For those who like to collect drinks or wine, now you can store them in a stylish way.


6. Have a large collection of books at home? Turn your used guitar into a cool bookshelf. Here you can use more than one guitar for more storage area.


7. This guitar rack design adds a holiday feel to the décor. Give a beach theme in the guitar rack to make it look more attractive.


8. In addition to general storage ideas, used guitars can also be converted into shelves to store spices in the kitchen.


9. Not only the guitar part can be converted into a shelf, you can also use the guitar as a place to store jewelry or other accessories.


10. Or as a place to hang photos, business cards, and small valuables.


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