15 Wonderful Pebble Design Into Your Home Decor

diy pebble foot prints art decor

Pebbles it can be a wonderful decoration for your home, because it reminds me pebble walk along the river or beach, so relaxing and fun, so I’m looking for ideas for my pebble is applied into house. Concept is to bring relaxation pebble into the decor, most easily idea, of course wash pebble and put them into glass bowl or glass, but here you can see a variety pebble ideas are more original.

Pebbles is perfect for bathrooms, because they remind us of the water, so use them in the bathroom. You can put in tub bottom or shower floor. If you are a little creative, you can paint pebble for many purposes such as potted plants decorating, wedding decorations, office supplies, or even a wall hanging. Decorating the walls with pebble give natural look and sturdy, and in your can make backsplash kitchen pebble. Discover the diverse collection of other pebble for your home below!

1. As a trendy book or work memo pad? This office gravel makes your work even more enjoyable.

pebble home office ideas

2. Use gravel as a layer of soil for plant pots at home. Besides being able to cover soil or dirt, your pot will also look more aesthetic.

pebble pot designs

3. Bring a beach and holiday atmosphere to your bathroom by bringing large pebbles into it.

pebble under bathtubs

4. A combination of contemporary and industrial bathroom styles can be achieved by choosing concrete materials and a layer of pebbles on blank walls.

pebbles wall bathrooms

5. A pebble tablecloth can be a rich table decoration with zen elements.

pebbles table designs

6. If you want to add a little color, choose a mat or tablecloth made from colorful pebbles.

pebbles table decor

7. A pebble kitchen backsplash makes any kitchen design feel natural, comfortable, and inviting.

pebbles kitchen wall decor

8. You don’t have to really display a vase of flowers and green plants, even decorative pebbles in a glass container look attractive.

pebbles glass furniture

9. This time not only as a table runner but pebbles can also be part of a wooden table decoration that emphasizes the vintage style.

pebbles dessert tables

10. Pebbles are also good as photo weights. Can be used to decorate wedding photos or just family travel photos at home.

pebble photo holder

11. Pebbles are the most suitable as part of bathroom decoration. Natural stone elements feel integrated with refreshing bathroom accents.

pebble bathroom wall design

12. You can also add a little gravel element at the bottom of the bathroom storage.

pebble bathroom floor

13. Indoor carpet made from pebbles feels unique and makes you feel like you are outside.

modern pebble rugs

14. Also use pebbles as part of your fun soaking time in the tub.

japanese pebbles designs

15. If you are creative enough, take a regular marker and make writing or drawings on simple pebbles.

DIY pebble pot ideas

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