20 Modern Aquarium Design For Every Interior

wooden aquarium ideas

Aquariums are not just as decoration in the corner room are shaped boxes, rigid and difficult to maintain. Now many modern aquarium design that would make the ultimate choice for any luxurious and elegant interior. Aquarium is always a refreshing decor by bringing the spirit of ocean into the room. Initially it was very popular in the 1990s, and is now back in aquarium new look and modern design. Large aquarium size is problem before, now modern aquarium available in small sizes, even some looks together with collection of aquarium cabinets or even other home furnishings.

In this article you can find ideas aquarium to suit your home concept, like aquarium with sharp lines and geometric shapes that will add a touch of interest to modern living room, aquarium in the form tables and cabinets, window shapes and many other original designs for atmosphere unique and interesting. Curious how the shape? Let’s look at gallery below!

wooden aquarium furniture

Aquarium as part of the decoration

In the past, the use of aquariums was only limited to keeping fish, but now aquariums have become part of interior decoration and design. There are various aquarium designs that are easy to combine with any style of space, from modern, contemporary, minimalist or even antique, and all of them make a special attraction in the room. Apart from that, aquariums are usually also equipped with cupboards or storage areas at the bottom so that they feel more functional. Place the aquarium wherever you want to add depth to the space and make the room feel more lively. From the home office, living room, bedroom, even kitchen, using this aquarium will make the house more cheerful.

small aquarium wall designs

Visually pleasing to the eye

It’s no longer a secret that many homeowners place aquariums to make life feel more relaxed. Water elements, living creatures, rocks, sand and even aquatic plants will keep your mood positive, making you more enthusiastic throughout the day. The beautiful aquarium landscape design, as well as the theme presented by the aquarium, can certainly pamper our eyes so that the mind becomes calmer. From freshwater aquariums that are popular with aquascapes to seawater aquariums that have a mysterious appeal, choose your favorite aquarium design according to your own taste.

modern wooden aquarium house

As a room divider and extra storage area

The open space concept seems to be widely applied to contemporary residences and apartments. Although removing walls has proven effective in making rooms more spacious, sometimes you need a little privacy in the house. The solution is that you can use a large aquarium as a room partition. Apart from separating one room from another, using aquarium partitions can refresh and beautify the interior. Usually, these large aquariums have several storage shelves or drawers at the top or bottom, which function as extra storage areas or a place to store your aquarium equipment.

Here are more modern aquarium design ideas that are suitable for all types of your interior!

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