February 23, 2024

Best Collection of Holly’s House

hollys house chalkboard and chairs

Holly’s House is a new boutique in London and on line store that sells all kinds of eclectic furniture and household appliances. Owned by Holly Wick, offers the latest collection of holly’s house such a wonderful mix of interior design and home appliances. Here a fairly complete collection of both vintage, retro and new, including a collection at home for spring/summer 2014. Holly has a mission to bring a fresh style to the world of interior design, and make them beautiful as well as providing the goods are more readily available. Look at collection of these items collected from different designers and artists around the world at holly’s house!

hollys house seat pillow


hollys house vintage furniture


hollys house home office ideas


hollys house accessories


hollys house pillows


hollys house collection


hollys house plant stand


hollys house bedrooms


hollys house accessories ideas

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