Carronade Table Lamps from Markus Johansson

Carronade Table Lamp Designs

Markus Johansson is designer who has never stopped creating good design, and I‘m looking at latest collection of table lamps that look somewhat like a small cannon. It definitely looks like a playful little cannon with its short muzzle. Just like a Carronade: heavy, tough, and stumpy. A powerful little lamp, which will throw light wherever, you direct it. Use it as a powerful spotlight placed firmly on a table, or in the corner of the floor. Wage war against darkness; use Carronade to light up all that is dark.

The little cannon rests in its wooden support with the cable sticking up like a burning fuse. The housing is also made of ash or beech; the inserted metal barrel is fitted with a LED-lamp, which will not get too hot in order to facilitate the redirection of the spotlight.

Carronade Table Lamp from Markus Johansson


Carronade Table Lamps


Carronade Table Lamp Decor


Carronade Table Lighting


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Carronade Table Lamp Decorations


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