25 Easy DIY Cardboard Crafts For Kids Toys

What do you think of when you hear about cardboard boxes? For many people it probably means waste that must be disposed of, but for those who are creative means of highly functional craft materials. Cardboard itself is a kid-friendly material, of course they are light but have strong enough resistance as a medium for kids play.

Let’s surprise the kids at home with this easy DIY cardboard craft. We believe you will find it difficult to refrain from embedding cardboard toys into your craft collection. This is a fun activity for the holidays, and you just need a little paint, masking tape, glue, and it is absolutely free if you use the items you already have around the house. Create cardboard toys with children and let their imagination run wild.

DIY cardboard toys

The easiest way to take advantage of unused cardboard boxes is to turn them into children’s toys. There are many creative ideas that you can do with a pile of cardboard, and great they are quite easy to be made into various forms of toys are very popular. You can create cars, boats, rockets, doll houses, or miniature home appliances that can be played for kids. The most interesting DIY cardboard idea, of course, is the cardboard playhouse which is also our kids’ favorite.

Train kids creativity and imagination

Cardboard is a DIY material that can be easily transformed into any shape. Let the children imagine everything they want to create a toy or shape that suits them. The most important thing you can train kids creativity to the maximum, damping them while playing and make a toy or miniature suite your children want.


It is very important to choose toys that are safe and kid-friendly, and cardboard is a lightweight material and does not contain harmful substances because it is basically made of cardboard. Besides being able to be used as a variety of crafts and children’s toys, cardboard is the easiest material to get.

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