14 Simple DIY Handmade Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Valentine’s Day gives happiness and brings every couple closer, there are even many people who decide to express their love on Valentine’s Day later. If you think Valentine’s Day is all about gifts, flowers and chocolates then there is a better way to surprise your couple.

Express your affection by making handmade DIY Valentine’s day decorations. This is as simple a way as you can express your love by making a variety of simple DIY Valentine’s Day crafts. I think anything you make will be far more memorable than an expensive gift.

Whether you’re making heart decorations or preparing a romantic dinner with your significant other, these DIY projects will be unforgettable on February 14th and beyond.

1. Capture your Valentine’s Day moments by creating a romantic photo booth.


2. This is an easy Valentine’s Day DIY that can be made in just a few minutes. Decorate your furniture with heart themed garlands.


3. You only need twigs and heart-shaped paper cutouts to get this lovely Valentine’s Day flower vase.


4. The atmosphere of the bedroom becomes more romantic with garland hearts on the head of your bed.


5. This simple heart-shaped hanging decoration adds a silhouette of love to your room. Hang them on windows or doorsteps.


6. String lights always manage to add a warm ambiance to any space. For Valentine’s Day, you can give a little touch of love with a heart-shaped paper craft.


7. As befits your everlasting love. This Valentine’s day decoration with a wooden frame would be a great decoration in any corner.


8. Replace the lights with more romantic lighting ideas on Valentine’s night. A series of candles on a table with a cover or a place with Valentine’s nuances is a good idea.


9. Create a more cheerful Valentine’s Day atmosphere with colorful hanging decorations. You can make this DIY project yourself out of wire and wool.


10. A display cabinet with Valentine decorations will welcome anyone who comes to your house. From garlands, wreaths, banners, to vintage style photo frames that you can try at home.


11. Create a romantic dinner atmosphere with your partner on Valentine’s Day. In addition to setting the dining table, a beautiful tablecloth is enough to add to the more romantic atmosphere.


12. This is one of those easy DIY projects because all you need is mason jars with pretty hearts. Decorations that symbolize love wherever you want to put it.


13. Celebrate your Valentine’s Day by holding a party at home. Various balloon decorations will be a great decoration for any party, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.


14. The last Valentine’s day idea, we highly recommend you to decorate a tiered tray. This can be a special gift for your partner, or just a pretty decoration on the table.


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