7 Most Popular Aquascaping Ideas That You Need To Know


In contrast to the aquarium style, aquascaping is more about displaying the layout and beauty in the water that we can enjoy at any time. This is not just the art of planting with a sprinkling of grass and gravel. You need creativity and aesthetic sensitivity about the science behind it. It may sound complicated but believe me you will enjoy every second of your aquascape development.

Aquascaping is becoming very popular right now, and today we want to show you how easy and useful it can be. Besides, once you want to start, there will be no stopping. Aquascape makes anyone fall in love, even if you are a beginner.

There are lots of aquascaping ideas to experiment with. From dutch, natural, forest, iwagumi styles, even those inspired by fish ponds. You just need accuracy, a little imagination, and of course, taking care of the aquascape like a real garden. Here are some aquascape styles and themes you should know before you start. Please scroll down and get inspired!

1. Natural Style

As the name suggests, the natural style is heavily inspired by its natural habitat. You just need to bring a natural style like underwater atmosphere. There will be plants, rocks, wood, sand, and every possible element you can think of.


Natural style is widely used by scapers because it gives a dazzling natural look. You need to imitate natural scenery as closely as possible, or perhaps explore the natural surroundings. This aquascaping style includes easy and simple.


2. Iwagumi Style

Iwagumi features simplicity with a minimal layout. This aquascaping style originates from Japan, and only uses rocks as the only hardscape. At first glance, you will see green meadows or Japanese hills.


Iwagumi style is perfect for those of you who want to bring a calm atmosphere into the room. This style is simple, but still needs intense care.


3. Forest Style

Ready to take the wilderness into the water? It really looks like its natural forest habitat. Almost like a natural style but you will need a lot of wood to give the illusion of trees.


Besides the forest, you can also add paths, moss, ferns, or other elements that show the atmosphere in the forest.


4. Dutch Style

Dutch style is the oldest style of aquascaping. This style is characterized by only displaying a variety of colorful and cheerful plants. So, you don’t have to make complicated hardscapes to collect them at home. However, some scapers also add stone and wood but only to sweeten the layout.


Plant a variety of plants you like, creating contrast and texture using different heights, colors, shapes and sizes.


5. Bonsai Tree

What happens if you plant a tree under water? The idea of aquascaping is really unique because it displays the tree as a whole. Coming from Japan, you only need to make an artificial bonsai tree from wood and water plants such as moss or buchepalandra water plants.


Immerse your bonsai tree in the water, decorate it with sand and rocks to make it look more natural. Some aquascaping bonsai styles also feature a bonsai tree with leaves above the surface to help the tree breathe.


6. Pond Style

The style of pond aquascaping is a little different from the usual aquascaping techniques. Even if you follow the same technique, this style also displays the beauty of plants above the water surface.


Usually use shallow tanks in order to get two unique layouts, namely underwater and above-ground plants. Instead of leafy plants, you can highlight grass species or vines.


7. Waterfall Style

Waterfalls in the aquarium may require a little imagination and creativity of yours. This is a clever optical illusion with sand as the base material.


Create an underwater waterfall with an air pump that circulates infinite white sand. Build a landscape or scenery like the original using bonsai, rocks, or plants.


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