10 Easy Ways To Make Room Dividers In Studio Apartment

Do you live in a tiny studio apartment with a single living room? Sometimes this can be inconvenient because there are no walls to give you privacy. Room dividers are the solution for you to further expand the available space and provide you with comfort in different spaces. These are some simple but stylish tricks to make your apartment more flexible and add privacy wherever you want it.

Room dividers have been known since 2000 years ago in China as a way to make portable barriers, and are still popular today. Along with the times, these separators are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. As well as being room dividers, some designs serve a purely decorative purpose, even in a small bedroom or small living room.

If you live in a studio apartment, you may have little privacy as it looks more like a dorm room than an adult home. However, today we’ve rounded up some of the most flattering room divider ideas for studio apartments. There’s always an easy way to make your studio apartment the ideal space even with space limitations. Enjoy!

1. Bamboo Partition

Bamboo has a beautiful and natural look, giving an aesthetic impression to any space including room dividers. Bamboo screens are perfect because they can provide privacy without blocking light.


2. Bookshelf

It doesn’t matter whether you are a book lover or not, bookshelves can be a stylish and practical way to break up space. Place a large bookshelf where you need privacy. Apart from being a bookshelf, it also makes a great plant shelf.


3. Furniture

You don’t have to get rid of annoying cupboards or cabinets. Place the furniture in the right area as a perfect room divider. In this case, a storage cupboard would break up the main room with the entryway.


4. Bar Table

Dining table and room divider? It has a dual advantageous function. At the bottom of the table there is a chair that can be pulled out, while a slightly higher table serves as a different room divider.


5. Open Closet

No matter how much you want to make your apartment furniture-free, you still need a place to store your clothes. Rather than placing a large wardrobe, choose floating shelves to display your clothes openly.


6. Gallery Wall

Installing plywood as a room divider is indeed more efficient than building permanent walls. However, so as not to seem monotonous, it’s best to decorate the plywood walls using your favorite wall gallery.


7. Plant Wall

Plant walls are the perfect way to separate a room and create a more refreshing atmosphere. This plant shelving unit seals off the TV viewing area, while also being a statement piece for a boho-style room.


8. Rattan Partition

One of the easiest room divider ideas is to add folding dividers. They are easy to move into any space you need them. This rattan screen is one of them made of traditional materials which is suitable to be combined with minimalist furniture.


9. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors blend well with any studio style. A wide doorway creates the illusion of a larger space, although you can close the door at any time to divide the studio. It may be a little pricey but still affordable for your space solution.


10. Curtains

Place curtains or pieces of cloth wherever you need privacy. This is a traditional method of room dividers that is still used today. Place curtains wherever you need them, such as the study, bedroom, living room, and many more.


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