January 19, 2022

10 Minimalist Home Office Design With Floor Desk

Working from home can be done in many ways, and a home office is one of the main factors that you must have. Among the many home office designs, working using a floor desk is still a pro and contra because it is related to health. However, this habit of working for some people actually makes them comfortable, they will even focus more if they work using a floor desk.

Floor desk was first introduced by the culture of Japan, Korea, and some Asian countries. A home office that adheres to this simple philosophy can also be turned into a comfortable work area with the right settings. There are several advantages to using a floor desk, sitting on the floor is believed to be a exercise to increase flexibility and mobility, because it makes you actively stretch your lower body consistently. In other words, you will be more active to do muscle activity than just sitting in a chair.

However, you also can’t sit on the floor for too long, pay attention to your posture so you don’t feel sore which over time can make your back stooped. If necessary, add some cozy furniture, floor pillows, to arrange a home office to suit your style and comfort. Here are 10 inspiring minimalist home office with our favorite floor desk.

1. Bring the feel of the outdoors by placing a home office with an outdoor view. Set where your desk is facing and make sure you get a view that can inspire you to work.


2. A floor desk can be turned into an aesthetic workspace by adding your favorite accents and themes. Like this workspace that brings a beautiful bohemian feel.


3. One of the advantages of this home office is that it can be placed anywhere in the house, even if it is the smallest corner of your room.


4. If working towards a wall makes you more focused, you can add an aesthetic wall so it doesn’t look plain and boring. Use a wall gallery or wallpaper to create an inspiring wall treatment.


5. Floor desk that blends with the bedroom is indeed the best choice. But it never hurts to add a green feel to your workspace by placing plants in the room.


6. Even though this home office faces the window, it still gives you privacy and serenity thanks to the use of bamboo curtains. Not to mention the home office is in a neat and orderly storage space.


7. Floor desk design is simple and minimalist because it is inspired by Japanese culture which emphasizes a simple lifestyle.


8. A work desk that can support the work is the best choice. This floor desk design is flexible with a variety of practical and efficient storage units.


9. If you make your home as well as your office, then this desk idea will make your employees more familiar at work. Even though they are in the same room, they can still move ergonomically by paying attention to the distance between tables.


10. Floor desk are often used for those who live in dormitories or colleges. Besides not taking up much space, floor desk design is also very appropriate for small rooms.


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