20 Indoor/Outdoor Laundry And Drying Room Ideas


For those of you who live in a small house or apartment, you have to be smart in getting around the room. Make sure each piece works best space including a living room, kitchen, bathroom to the bedroom. The right and functional spatial arrangement makes you feel comfortable even though you live in a dwelling with limited land. However, sometimes homeowners often forget some special rooms which are actually very important just like other rooms. Laundry and drying rooms are one of the most overlooked examples of how to organize a room. Even though this room plays an important role to support your daily activities, save your budget, and make it easier for you to manage all your styles.

Maybe the laundry room sounds like an easy thing, but if you are wrong in choosing the laundry room design that is the most suitable for your home. This room will actually look messy and take up a lot of space. So, today I want to inspire you to build a laundry room that utilizes every inch indoors, integrated with outside space, as well as a drying area that may be in place you never imagined before.

Use every inch of the laundry room

Before you get to the list, you should first think about where you want to build a laundry room? No matter how small your laundry room, if you can make this correctly as the selection of a washing machine, storage shelves, to regulate the incoming sunlight, then you can get the laundry room as you wish. The easiest way is to apply an open concept such as the use of skylights or avoid placing screens that make the room feel even more cramped.







Currently the laundry room has become an integral part of a home. A laundry room with the right arrangement and storage unit will help you avoid clutter. Washing activities formerly was a tough job, feel lighter by decorating the laundry room as attractive as possible. Like any other room in the house, the laundry room can also be transformed into a room that is as stylish as you want it to be.














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