Slope House 2: This Tiny Cabin Located On Sloping Land


We are always amazed by tiny houses and slope house 2 is a follow-up project from Milad Esthiyagi which is our favorite cabin. This project site is on a sloping ground and was a request from a client who the designer has worked on before. As a result, the design is ground level and elongated creating shape and defining interior spaces.

Located inside, the strip of glass starts from the ground and climbs to the ceiling to maintain a visual connection with the complete space in the fourth dimension of the interior space. On either side of the entrance, two trees blend in with the volume and define the entrance space providing a harmonious and flowing aesthetic that connects to the exterior, interior and surrounding landscape.


Its above ground location helps facilitate more natural ventilation. The combination of black and wood contrasts with the forest but still helps the cabin blend in with the surroundings. Unlike the traditional cabins, the interior is truly luxurious, modern, and also minimalist. At first glance, this cabin almost looks like a private spa retreat. Among the many rooms in this cabin, the bedroom with glass strips is the most eye-catching, it makes anyone feel like floating in the air while staying connected to the outdoors.









designer: milad esthiyaghi

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