Warm And Cozy Tiny Houses In Canada

warm tiny houses in canada

This tiny house was designed by a small home construction company in Kamouraska, Quebec. The owner is Pascal and Catherine, they call this home Ma Maison Logigue which also can be translated into “my logical home”. The house is very functional building with additional wheels that make it can be taken anywhere. Pictured here is “Capia”, a small house measuring 120 square feet with an additional 60 square feet in an attic room as a bedroom.

This house is done for 40 days using local materials. The outside was entrusted to Pascal, who made sure the house was warm enough to withstand winter in Canada. This house is well insulated with three glass panels and an efficient wood burning stove that only needs firewood. While the interior designed by Catherine, an interior design detail managing the home with simple but comfortable. The couple also has their own small home company where they do everything from the building to the interior. Here are some small house tours that are part of their collection, enjoy!

wooden tiny house interior


vintage tiny washbasin designs


lovely tiny bedrooms


diy indoor plant decor


cozy tiny bedroom designs


hanging bed storage ideas


loft bedroom in tiny house


cozy corner seating areas


dining room cabinet storage


tiny house kitchen design


maison logique home tour


ma maison logique house plan

source: tinyhousetown

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