House In Ohasu With Arches By Arbol Design


House In Ohasu is a house with arches and two courtyards in a hybrid of cultures and influences. Located on the site is a bit far from the city center Higashi-Osaka, Osaka prefecture, designed by Arbol Design, where temples located in the city center, old houses and shops still exist. The area is in a place of cultural treasure buried among residential areas in Japanese-style tenements.

Arbol Design initiated the process at the request of the client which was clear, they preferred “Singaporean peranakan architectural features”, in other words creating a great home atmosphere, and furthermore they had a clear picture of the location of the room, and the facade. At first, taking the architectural elements of the farm into the design according to the client’s request, but the distance from taste to demand eventually widened. The solution, the concept made such that pilotis Peranakan architecture blends with Japanese-style row house. Peranakan architecture presents the landscape as an arcade, connecting the building’s foyer and sidewall arches in succession.


High walls are designed higher than the entrance to the rear of the house, some parts of the house is built on two floors of the building for three-dimensional effect. From the front street, entrance, front yard, living room, dining room, to the bedroom, partitions are made with arches. The size of the arches varies sequentially, until the back of the house, the layers overlap which cast shadows in the space, and add depth to the whole house.

Being inside, there is a space where one can feel a connection with the outside, a design that seems to cut some of the curves to produce a visually open effect. As for the structure on the outside, the house was built with maximum building coverage ratio of such tenement, and the front page and the page is set inside. This courtyard connects gently between outer space and the private space, a sense of openness through vertically from the sky, feel the natural sunlight along with the seasons and time, which essentially creates a profound openness and movement.














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