September 24, 2023

10 Inspiring Strawberry Planting Ideas In Tiny Space

In addition to houseplants and vegetables, some fruit plants such as strawberries can also be cared for around the house. Strawberries are a very large plant, with tiny leaves with red fruit when ripe. They are very easy, even for novice gardeners who have not yet developed their green thumb.

The mini shape is certainly an advantage of the strawberry plant. You don’t have to worry about having to provide a large area or a special place to plant it, you can even make some DIY projects yourself as a planting medium or be part of your home d├ęcor.

No matter how much space you have, or how little, you will always find the right place to plant it. From hanging strawberry plants, creating vertical gardens, to integrating them with interior displays, here are 10 inspiring strawberry planting ideas in tiny spaces. Find more tips and information that will surely be of use to you!

1. Growing strawberries using a plant stand is the easiest idea. In addition, this idea can also be part of an outdoor dining room decoration.


2. Not only flower vases, strawberries can also be turned into decorative displays on the table. Use mason jars as plant pots!


3. Hang the strawberry plant outdoors which is great for plant growth. In addition to saving space, this idea will also beautify your terrace or garden.


4. Create a tower-shaped strawberry planting medium made of beautiful wood. Don’t forget to add a hole as a planting medium.


5. This idea is very simple and the one that is most in demand by plant lovers. Putting it in a pot not only saves space but makes it easier for you to care for strawberry plants.


6. Take advantage of the wall area both inside and outside the room to display your strawberry collection. Use wall wire and large pots to give more space for planting.


7. Strawberries can also beautify your interior with the right settings. Use a large bag or basket as a planting medium and place it in the house.


8. This is our favorite DIY strawberry growing project. Utilize wooden pallets in the form of crates that can be placed anywhere, including in the garden or outdoors.


9. Turning a strawberry plant into a wreath is also a brilliant idea.


10. For a big harvest, you can use a large wooden crate box for planting strawberries. Hang this plant box for more space.


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