Light Belt House Located On A Triangular Site


The light belt house by S Design Farm is a project that truly turns an otherwise unusual site into a masterpiece. Located on a triangular site sandwiched between streets where buses also pass. Formerly the surrounding area was lined with low-rise houses and factories, but since the reconstruction, this neighborhood has become one where large buildings, high-rise apartments and offices stand side by side. That’s the challenge for architects to be able to catch the light while closing it, and the end result is truly surprising.

The design point of this house is the beam of sunlight that enters the house. Despite having an open concept, many windows, and transparent glass walls, the construction is not as easy as one might think. The architects realized this site was the tip of the triangle that received the longest amount of light. This is because there are roads in the vicinity, the number of condos, and the distance from adjacent buildings. The house is also adjacent to the sidewalk, while the south side only receives a limited amount of sunlight. Eventually, the architects built the garden on this side in the hope that it would become a shared garden.


Located inside, the living room is connected to the garden area. This living room is triangular in shape which gradually narrows as you go deeper into the garden. Architects want to choose a place freely at the right time. Responding to the client’s response that the shape of the house does not have to be square, nor do they put a sofa. It is designed so that when you look at the kitchen and dining area, you can also see flashes of light.

The client seems to want this project to be their last residence. And rather than having to rent an apartment, it seems that the clients are more willing to build a building where their clinic is located. That’s why architects want to squeeze more budgets while still enjoying the mundane things that are important to be comfortable. Uniquely, the flash of light in this house can change at any time following the height of the sun and this will last a lifetime.







architect: S Design Farm

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