Muskoka Cabin: Nature Inspired Container House Only 35 Square Meters

This cabin is inspired by nature, which mostly uses wood and other environmentally friendly elements. Designed by Ben Homes which also belongs to the family of Todd McMillan and his wife, Kristen. Please note Ben Homes is a company that specializes in the construction of small houses and small house specialty. They formed an effective team to work together in design, Todd built the structure with his team and successfully completed Muskoka cabin for their own home.

They use prefabricated classic shipping containers that are easy to use. Remarkably, Todd and Kristen built their mini cabin in their workshop in Burlington, Ontario in just two weeks, then sent it and installed it on a pre-printed concrete plate. Only about 35 square meters in size, this cabin has everything you need for a family vacation cabin, from the bedroom, kitchen, living room, even the outdoor bathroom. For entertainment area are a natural playground and a fire pit where they can warm nights each time.

Todd and Kristen did not forget to make a playground for their children, there are swings and slide toys with a stunning forest background.


Like a house in general, although in the form of a mini container, this cabin also has a patio deck with strong natural accents.


The carved wooden sculpture in the shape of a bear is a cool decoration that says welcome to everyone who visits.


Being in the cabin, almost all parts are made using good wood in the bedroom, kitchen and almost all the furniture in this cabin.







The L-shaped sofa feels comfortable in the living room with an open concept integrated with the forest environment.





Outdoor bathroom into a fun area because it is located in a beautiful environment. There is a shower with a towel rack for each family member.

Even though these cabins are mini-sized there are additional retreats that are connected by a path that is connected to the cabin.



source: planete-decor

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