November 29, 2023

Save the Tree: 15 Unique Houses with Trees Inside

house with trees inside

Currently houses building has a lot of land, even has entered the suburbs or forests. With the huge housing backlog is not surprising we will have constraints uneven land with trees stand, while we know that at this time the trees dwindling due to logging and it is also very bad for the environment. It turns without having to cut down trees, we can build a house with artistic designs as 15 houses below.

You can start by keeping one big tree or a few trees of medium size, add a glass window or let the tree grow inside your house. This idea not only adds shade to your home but also save the tree. If the tree can be very valuable, perhaps we could invite everyone to maintain a green environment although this time you will live in cities.

unique tree house architecture


round glass tree in inside homes


cool inside tree in pools


amazing house with tree inside ideas


small tree in inside house plan


large glass tree window in inside homes


inside home tree skylight windows


indoor tree house decorations


inside tree in house garage


outside inside house with trees decor


indoor outdoor living with tree inside


amazing house with tree architecture


unique bedroom with tree inside


indoor tree inside house design

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