Beautiful Home from Danish Novelist Annika von Holdt

beautiful home gallery from Annika von Holdt

I really like the beautiful home from  Danish novelist Annika von Holdt, and I think wanted to share a little inspiration about the house where he spent the time to write and work. Annika really pay attention to every detail from home, ranging from gallery walls artful that I think, from here he got brilliant ideas as novel materials. The bathroom is also not free from the touch of the hands of his art, a large silver bathtub and tile Moroccan really looks charming. White walls into a background that never runs out, including white bedroom with large mirror for the master bedroom. You can also see the work space elegant with a vintage wooden table. Here are the photos that will make your heart beat, enjoy!

beautiful bedroom


beautiful Annika von Holdt workspace


beautiful mirror bedroom


beautiful chairs


beautiful bathroom sink


beautiful living room


cozy bedroom


morrocan tile bathroom

source: fashionsquad

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