How To Make Retro Style That Aesthetic In Your Room


The trend back to the past seems to be an oasis in itself for those of you who are bored with today’s interior styles. The design of the eclectic space has caught a lot of attention with its bold color scheme, wavy patterns and squiggly lines. But unlike the vintage style, this is a retro space style that gives a new touch to your home.

The past is always beautiful to remember and bringing it into the interior will make the home atmosphere more comfortable. If you are a fan of retro style, this trend is also in demand by interior designers to be applied to contemporary residences.

Retro style itself is known as one of the home decorations with a technique to repeat the style that was popular in the past, especially in the 70s. In contrast to the vintage style that emerged between the 1020s and 1060s, the retro style came later with more bright and warm colors.

If you are interested in bringing a retro style to your room, here are some ways for you to apply. Find inspiration that fits your style and personality!


Dominated by bright and warm colors

If the vintage style features a lot of soft and pastel colors, then the retro style is more daring to play with bright colors. The choice of these colors will give a warm impression to the room with an explosive primary color combination. In accordance with the style that is free and shows that you have an independent and cheerful personality. For a retro color scheme, you can choose colors like red, blue, green, or dark colors like gray and black.


Bright open space concept

Retro design strives to be cheerful. That is why this interior style displays the concept of open space so that it feels wider than its actual size. There are not many walls but use a room divider to distinguish between each room.


Showing the vibes of the past

Retro style originated around the 70s, where interior design at that time used unusual patterns and colors. However, this is what makes retro style much missed so you can display it in today’s homes. Some materials such as plastic, vinyl to fiberglass have really become a trend in their time.


Popular pop art designs

When this retro style first appeared, pop art style and design had an important role in its development. It was a time of sensational art by producing old photographs and advertisements. So, you don’t need to be confused about changing the interior look into a retro style. There are many creative ways, such as adding pop art or face painting in various bright colors as wall decorations. Choose from retro furniture to rugs, and much more.

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