10 Splash Of Rainbows To Make Your Home Cheerful

This season is about sunny and warm days ahead, and we are ready to inject more joy into the house. This is about a colorful room that makes anyone happy and we are ready for all colors. From full-scale rainbow decorations to adorable hot touches. Children will love this, get one in their room to dream at night. Splash of rainbow colors may sound childish theta [I who would have thought these colors will make the room look amazing. Can’t wait for the rainbow in your home? Below I have collected 10 rainbow sparks to inspire you, I think this is a good color for a warm season.

1. Fence

Bored with the look of the fence that is mediocre? Use the colors of the rainbow to make it look beautiful. Although you have a small outdoor, use pastel colors to get a feminine style that feels more spacious. Mix with the style you want such as decorating the desert or can also add potted plants.

2. Doors

This door looks radiant even though it is in the hallway thanks to the colors of the rainbow produced. You can create your own simple DIY door rainbow sticker affixed to the glass doors. Decorate the front door with rainbow colors that will make your guests jealous.

3. Cabinets

Storage units are the easiest to hack, like this cupboard designed for kids. In each drawer is given a rainbow color that contrasts with other cabinets, giving an attractive color silhouette between the white lines.

4. Ceiling

Give a cheerful feel anywhere in your home. If you really do not have anywhere to put the colors of the rainbow, try to take advantage ceilings are only limited by your imagination. This area is an unexpected place where you can be creative and give beautiful color surprises to any space.

5. Bookcase

Every kids room has a bookshelf. In addition, you can teach them to organize and store their own books, use the colors of the rainbow to help them keep in its proper place. This idea will also make a child’s room look more beautiful.

6. Wall Arts

The easiest way to add a splash of rainbow colors is to use decoration or wall art. You can choose your favorite rainbow wall art and just put in the space you want.

7. Headboard

This rainbow headboard will make you beautiful dream. Amazingly, you can make your own headboard is quite easy. Use paint or wall stickers and arrange it in a way to form a rainbow around the bed. Mix with bright colors such as striped carpets, bright pillows and colorful blankets.

8. Floors

Make any room more cheerful with the colors of the rainbow. Like this kitchen that uses a rainbow floor. Cooking will be more fun, and there is no longer any reason to lazy kids help in the kitchen.

9. Stripe Walls

The wall is an empty area where you can put any decorations there. These rainbow walls are not only stunning, but truly integrated with the surrounding environment.

10. Stairs

Finally, there are rainbow stairs that will make your home more lively. If you have children then they will be happy to play here.

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