BD House: Family-Friendly Residence With Nature Surroundings


Located in são paulo, Brazil, BD House was completed by Studio Arthur Casas in 2022. The three-dimensional cladding provides a view from inside the house and provides privacy for its residents. This family friendly residence belongs to a young couple with two children. The rebar walls with hanging gardens on the ground are designed to support vegetation growth, creating a green partition that connects the road and the house.

The entire facade of the house is made of loco-cast architectural concrete, with frames and lights mounted on the concrete. The pigmentation takes several tests to achieve the ideal color. So, ocher pigmented concrete is the focal point for defining and selecting a color palette for coatings and other coatings, such as wood, metal, and paint.



BD house has an area of 651 sqm. However as a house with an extensive program on a small plot of land, the layout is divided into several levels which are configured by floors. All parts of the floor are connected by elevator to increase vertical circulation. The house is filled with natural light and is ventilated underground, where the garage, basement, office, service area and square are located.





On the ground floor as the main room there is an integrated living room and kitchen, a restroom, a barbecue area, and a garden. The other floor houses the children’s suite, master and guest suites. Meanwhile, on the roof there is a recreation area with a swimming pool and deck.




There are big names who support the interior design of this project, such as Sérgio Rodrigues, Charles Eames, Lina Bo Bardi, Jean Gillon, Ricardo Fasanello, as well as pieces signed by Arthur Casas, such as the Apache Dining Table, Antigua Coffee Table, Set emiliano lampshade, basset and sinatra, xingu chair, ripas chair, and rosewood table centerpiece.




designer: Arthur Casas

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