20 Space-Saving Cat House Ideas In Under The Stairs


There are many things that made us fall in love with cats. They really were lazy friends who never caused a mess, perhaps because part of their lives were always spent sleeping and sleeping again. Some cats look adorable at any given time, and we know building a cat house to be one of our must-haves.

It happens that children also love cats and love to play with them. That’s all the more reason why we need to provide a cat room that our furry friends can access at all times. Cats basically like quiet places, whether it’s hidden to build their favorite litter box.

Unfortunately, some cat houses can be unsightly no matter what room you try to hide them in. In addition, some homeowners live in small houses or urban areas with limited land. The concept of a two-story house or a multi-story house is often a solution for many people to overcome the limitations of land. However, not everyone is good at getting around the area around the stairs to make the most of it, and today we’re going to build a cat house there!


Cat house under the stairs

Stairs are one of the most overlooked places by homeowners. In fact, if this area is used properly, it can be turned into an extra room, especially for pets. Hide all the mess by making a cat house under the stairs. In addition to saving space, the cat house under the stairs will be a comfortable place for your cat to do all the activities. From playing, napping, climbing, and much more. A cat house under the stairs is a practical solution for a small house.








How to make a cat house under the stairs

The concept of space-saving is one of the best considerations when you want to make a cat house under the stairs. You can place a cupboard or build a built-in litter box. Make a hole in the wall, place a cat bed in it, or you can also install a cat door to hide it from view. If the space under your stairs is large enough, you can even build a playground complete with a game zone to cat food and drink stands.








Hidden cat house

With a little imagination and creativity, it’s easy to find a hidden spot under the stairs for your cat. As long as you make it comfortable enough for your cat to move freely, a hidden cat house is a profitable solution for you, your guests and most importantly your cat. The cat house under the stairs is completely invisible but accessible to your furry friend.





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