Warm and Cozy Rustic House in Australia

warm cozy rustic backyard garden

Rustic house offers cozy place to stay, when you are bored with the crowds and want a quiet life then the country house is the best solution. The house is located in New South Wales, Australia, and recently they performed at The Design Files. The owner is Elise and Pablo, originally was a weatherboard church was converted and blocked ground near the Hawkesbury River. This church has been established since 1880 and operates until 10 years ago, during one undergoing renovation biggest job is to weatherboard and paint all over the inside of the building. The internal walls were the back porch also destroyed to create a large kitchen that is integrated into garden. The pair used decor is quite mild, they want a warm atmosphere in every room so they add things slowly and carefully. One of my favorite of this rural house is the back garden, they put nestrest Dedon furniture collection hanging on the tree. You can find lots of fun ideas below!

warm cozy rustic kitchen ideas


warm cozy rustic bathroom


rustic dining area in australia


rustic australia house outdoor hangung furniture


rustic australia house interior


cozy rustic living room design


australia rustic house decor

source: style-files

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