Savion Residence with Industrial Chic Vibe

savion industrial chic residence

This beautiful house is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, which is labeled Savion residence with an inviting industrial style. Planned for a family of four members, while the construction of the house was entrusted to the Architect studio NeumanHayner designed two cubes separated by a hallway, creating a “L” shaped house. The cube-shaped building in front, with double height, consists of public areas such as entrance, living room, kitchen, dining room all on the ground floor and a study on the first floor. Rear cube has three floors, the ground floor has a living room, two children’s rooms, laundry room and bathroom. On the first floor there is the master bedroom, and the hallway bridge into the library. The basement is furnished by a large terrace with cool ventilation, and holds guest rooms, safe space, and storage space. Its interior almost entirely uses concrete, steel and polished wood, this creates an industrial chic vibration. Homeowners are also very concerned about their children’s happiness, as evidenced by many hanging objects, such as swings, as well as outdoor equipment and beds in the nursery. The following gallery industrial chic home in Israel and allow yourself to be inspired.

cozy backyard pools


industrial bedroom with bathtub


savion hallway decor


industrial grey kitchen island


industrial chic interior design


unique stairs with bamboo banister


industrial chic living areas


outdoor savion residence


industrial chic kitchen design


beautiful tropical pools


industrial hallway with nature element


savion two floors interior


wooden swing chairs


backyard pool with lights


cool industrial kitchen ideas


industrial chic living room with tv stand


stylish bathtub organizer


industrial chic bedrooms


second floor library


savion interior decor


indoor outdoor bathroom design


minimalist chic bedroom


cozy outdoor swing chairs


chic bamboo room divider


chic swing bed ideas


industrial chic bedroom with open concept


swing bed with art decor


chic small bathroom ideas

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