September 27, 2023

7 Easy Ways To Create Dog-Friendly Balcony


Does one of your family members have fur, likes to rub their stomach, and always faithfully greets you when you come home? For the pet parents out there, nothing is more important than keeping your beloved dog safe and happy. And for those of you passionate animal lovers, you will know that the balcony is not a safe place to leave dogs.

Then should you leave the balcony without the dog? For some people who live in urban areas or apartments, the balcony is the only area connected to the outdoors. So you just need to add a few features that make your dog feel at home on a small balcony. This method is very easy when you want to spend time together on the balcony for the better.

In this post I want to share some useful tips, you can change your balcony to be more dog friendly. From creating a play area to choosing dog-friendly furniture, here are 7 dog balcony inspirations that you must have at home.

1. Create Dog House


Have a large balcony? To make your dog feel comfortable, there is nothing wrong with building a dog house on the balcony. If you have a large balcony, this is a very effective way to give your dog a play area as well as a nap.

2. Dog-Friendly Furniture


If you don’t have many ideas for making a dog balcony, the best solution is to choose dog-friendly furniture. Make sure your dog has a comfortable place to lie down when you spend time together. Furniture must be used together, for example, choose floor pillows or daybeds for small balconies.

3. Dog Railings


Fences are not only important for securing the smallest members of the family, but also for stopping small dogs from slipping. So, the balcony fence must be really secure and make sure it is not too tenuous.

4. Dog Beanbags


Beanbags are a comfortable alternative to furniture in any space, even many designers also make beanbags specifically for pets. Placing a dog beanbag on the balcony is not only practical due to its small size, but also makes your dog feel comfortable at all times.

5. Dog Balcony Garden


No matter how tame your pet dog, basically they prefer to be outdoors. To get around a limited area, you can change the balcony inspired by nature. Create a lush balcony garden, complete with a fun dog play area.

6. Grass Balcony Rug


There are many creative ways to make your dog feel at home on the balcony. One of them is placing a comfortable grass carpet as well as being an outdoor toilet. Not just carpet accessories, you can also use real grass with a raised bed garden.

7. Modern Dog Bed


On the last list we have a dog bed that looks stylish for any balcony style. Dog beds are indeed an easy and practical way to create a dog room in any area, including your balcony.

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