14 Most Romantic Balcony Ideas For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day will be here soon, that’s when many people take advantage of this moment to show their love for their respective partners. Starting from giving gifts, chocolates, flowers, to decorating the house to make it seem romantic. However, have you ever thought about surprising your lover with a romantic Valentine’s dinner? For some people, spending Valentine’s Day in a restaurant with a luxurious atmosphere with their lover is a dream in itself, but sometimes this is less romantic and will also use up a lot of your budget.

For couples who truly love what they are, a grand and luxurious atmosphere is not a necessity to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here you will see how your tiny balcony can also be transformed into a romantic feel. Invite your partner to dinner on the balcony while enjoying the sunset or looking at the stars, decorated with various stunning lighting ideas, flower garlands, favorite dishes and drinks, and romantic decorations. Here are some romantic balcony ideas that you must have for Valentine’s Day!

1. Its small size does not make this balcony far from romantic. The subtle arrangement, wooden materials, and lighting ideas really bring a romantic atmosphere.


2. If your balcony is really small, try throwing away all the furniture and replacing it with a rug. Throw some pillows and blankets to keep your Valentine’s night warm.


3. This is a romantic balcony bed that will make your Valentine’s Day even more memorable.


4. A minimalist look with a simple set of chairs feels cozy with the right outdoor lighting. Add a fence or bamboo protector as part of your romantic dinner.


5. A simple small balcony looks beautiful and romantic thanks to the perfect lighting. From fairy lights, to candles, to star shaped lights, they are perfect for Valentine’s night.


6. Warm up your Valentine’s night with cozy textiles. To make it even more romantic, also add candles to make the atmosphere more intimate.


7. If you and your couple like the same things like watching movies, there’s no harm in adding a movie night on your balcony.


8. Bring a romantic holiday atmosphere to your balcony with rattan furniture, woven crafts, and don’t forget a beach umbrella.


9. This balcony really feels romantic with a strong boho accent. From the furniture choices, lighting ideas to the rugs, everything exudes a romantic vibe.


10. Don’t just celebrate with your lover, invite your family to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a balcony that is designed to be family friendly.


11. Create a luxurious feel by adding some expensive wine to your balcony table. The flower arrangements on the fence also make the atmosphere more romantic.


12. This balcony is absolutely perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day. From romantic decorations to enchanting beach views, this might be just what you need to surprise your loved one.


13. Coming with white and minimalist shades, this balcony design still feels romantic but doesn’t feel monotonous.


14. Bring more of a natural feel to your romantic balcony setting. Green plants, rattan furniture, and beautiful lighting will make your Valentine’s day feel special.


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