Clock: Functional Desk For Eat And Work


In this fast-paced and sophisticated era, the act of eating and working has become something that should be done together. Not just office workers, nowadays many people decide to work from home and home offices have become commonplace. I never thought about how a clock that is also a desk can become truly functional, designed by Yeg Design Studio, clock is a future product to support the actions taken together to shrink living space.

Functional furniture is indeed very important because our lifestyle is increasingly flexible, especially for those of you who currently decide to work from home or prefer to bring work home to serve more than one purpose. Clocks are futuristic and compact products that address the needs of eating habits and work with their functionality and technology. It is a hybrid product that draws all of its energy mainly from the conversion of food waste and operates on wired electrical energy when needed. When the work station part is not needed, the product can be closed.


On the desk, you can put computers, notebooks, papers, and other equipment up to a height of 6 cm. When the panel is closed, only the “Power” icon and energy level are visible. When the power icon is pressed, the panel becomes visible. Defined heating and cooling areas are controlled by touch. With the Clock app in the phone, energy production information and statistics about the panels are obtained. Production ratings occur among friends on social networks created in the application.






designer: Yeg Design Studio

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