December 7, 2022

30 Small Balcony Garden Ideas For City Apartment

Having a green space outside may only be a dream for those who live in city apartments. Especially during the festive season, where can sit outside while enjoying a cup of hot tea or reading a book to be something impossible to do. So do you really think the green thumb outside is only a dream? Luckily, you still have a balcony and no matter how small your balcony, this is the perfect place that can be transformed into a comfortable green area. Balcony garden is not just a dream, with the right arrangement and placement, this small area can become a favorite outdoor area for all people who live in urban areas. Today I want to show how simple furniture, potted plants, folding chairs and green grass can make your small balcony as a green haven in the middle of the city.

Let’s start by redecorating balcony apartment, and enjoy the excitement of the outdoors that belongs to you. Add some of your favorite plants, sofas, coffee tables, and blankets to protect your body when the days start to cool outside. To keep the nuances warm, try using good lighting on the balcony, some light bulbs or lights will give you the romantic feel you want. If you like gardening, this is the right way to channel your hobby. Plant several types of vegetables, flowers or herbs that you can even use for your daily needs. Make your apartment balcony colorful and warm the winter atmosphere with a soothing balcony decor. Scroll down and prepare to be inspired!






























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